The Spider
The Spider  

How The Spider Works - Improve Your Billiards Game

The Spider sits on the pool table and uses a series of pointing Laser beams to show you the exact spots for targeting, hitting and setting yourself up for the next play.

You place a pool ball under the spider, then line up the target line laser with a pocket . An imaginary green ball (created by laser light shown on the table) shows you the exact path the cue ball must take to make the shot. A laser light also shows the exact contact point to make the shot. The tangent line is show with a second laser and allows you to see where the pool ball will travel after contact with the object ball. The tangent line will also serve as the benchmark for determining whether you hit the cue ball with top English, middle or bottom English. For advanced pool players, you can practice all three options and understand the ball path after contact is made.

The spider will go off 5 seconds after the object ball is removed from the cradle to conserve battery life, and comes on a soon as the object ball is place in the cradle correctly.

The imaginary pool ball light can be turned off, leaving only the exact contact point required to make the pool shot – illustrated by a laser light. Improve your pool and billiards game with the spider.

How The Spider Works
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The Spider helping people learn to play better pool.

The Spider, the premier billiards instruction equipment and pool teaching aid in the world. Sold direct to consumers, through billiards industry and mass merchandiser retail outlets, and to the owner/operators of pool playing establishments around the globe.