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  • I saw the Spider out in Vegas. My team was playing the APA tournament there. It has to be the best product on the market for improving your game. I can’t wait to get my own.

  • I was wondering when someone would come up with a product like this. I have been thinking about it for years. I saw a demonstration of it and it works like a charm. Believe me, I’ll be ordering one of these as soon as I can.

  • Finally - I will be able to practice my hardest shots without my husband always critiquing my game and getting frustrated. I can practice difficult shots any time, over and over again until I make the shot by myself. Thank God for the Spider!

  • The coolest training device I have ever seen. This product is outstanding – I used it at the APA event and I couldn’t miss.

  • Wow! This product is amazing. I can’t wait beat all my friends at pool after I practice with mine.

  • This is perfect for learning the concept to pool. I can see where the cue ball is going to deflect to set up my next shot.

  • We’re looking forward to receiving our Spider – and actually it will arrive about the time we’ll be having our brand new pool table moved in. The table is actually at the store, but we asked them to hold it until we get our basement situated. The time I learned how to use the Spider was fun and beneficial. The Vegas pool tournament certainly renewed our interest in this leisure time activity. Thanks so much.

  • My husband and I enjoyed meeting the PrimeQuest team in Vegas and talking to you. When we were looking for our pool table, we mentioned your device to 3 different places, and I told them when ours came, we would be glad to show it to them to see if they would like to have them in their stores.
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The Spider helping people learn to play better pool.

The Spider, the premier billiards instruction equipment and pool teaching aid in the world. Sold direct to consumers, through billiards industry and mass merchandiser retail outlets, and to the owner/operators of pool playing establishments around the globe.