The Spider
The Spider  

The Spider Testimonials

Pool and Billiards Professionals

“I recommend The Spider to anyone who wants to play better.” – Allen Hopkins
“I wouldn’t endorse anything I don’t believe in and I believe in The Spider.” – Jeanette Lee
“The concept is exactly what I have been trying to teach my students.” - WPBA professional
“The Spider could completely revolutionize and revitalize the billiards industry.” – CEO of major billiard’s product company

Serious Pool and Billiards Players

“I’m a 7 and my wife is a 2 – she gets frustrated when I try to teach her shots, now she is practicing the right way versus just banging balls.”
“The ability to track where the cue ball will travel after contact is why I like it – and obviously being able to not only line up shots, but determine the exact contact point from anywhere on the table.”
“Now I can see where the cue ball will travel after hitting the object ball – either with top, bottom or middle English.”

“This is the best tool out there for learning combination shots.”

“I missed the 8 ball three times in the tournament, with the Spider I don’t plan on missing it again.”

Casual Pool and Billiards Players

“My husband I both play a lot of pool – now I can improve my game without him getting frustrated and impatient. We’ll see how he feels when I beat him!”
“My friend bought one and I’ve got keep up with him –he got better and more confident quick.”
“After we got the spider our family pool table came alive again.”
“The Spider transformed our pool table at home from a laundry table into a neighborhood hang out spot.”
“ I keep my sons interested in pool by getting them to play better – 5 minutes on the table and I can see their interest increase because they are more successful.”
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The Spider helping people learn to play better pool.

The Spider, the premier billiards instruction equipment and pool teaching aid in the world. Sold direct to consumers, through billiards industry and mass merchandiser retail outlets, and to the owner/operators of pool playing establishments around the globe.