The Spider
The Spider  

Why It Works

For centuries billiard (not more often known as “pool”) players have attempted to cause a round ball (the cue ball) to strike another round ball (the object ball) at an exact point on the object ball (the point is the size of a pin head) to make the object ball travel on a desired path (normally in a pocket).

Instructions on “how to” have taken multiple forms – verbal, pointing, using lights and many training aids. Trying to “communicate” multiple facets (concepts) that must be properly executed for success is not easy.

Human nature makes aspiring pool players respond to “visual” representation of instructions better than verbal instructions. “Showing” one of the four basic concepts of shot-making allows the student to “see” the objective before they shoot.

As stated, multiple “training aids” have been offered. Most, if not all, have not addressed ALL concepts at the time they are needed most (just before the student shoots). Most required placement of the aid on the table, but must be removed prior to the shot. This effort causes the student to “remember” the input of the aid.

The Spider provides visual input of all four concepts – 1) the target line (where the object ball must travel), 2) the contact point (spot on the object ball that must be “hit” by the cue ball, 3) the cue ball circle (the exact point on the cue ball that must hit the contact point of the object ball) and the cue ball deflection line (a reference line of where the cue ball will travel with no spin on it at the moment of contact). These inputs are provided before, during and after each practice shot.

Being a practice/training aid, the student will be “forced” to accomplish specific objectives with each shot. The Spider provides multiple levels of training – learning the relationship (perfect relationship) of the cue ball and the object ball at the moment of contact, learning the true aiming point (not the contact point), learning the predictable path of the cue ball after the shot (for better position play).

The perfect practice/training aid is now available – The Spider.

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The Spider helping people learn to play better pool.

The Spider, the premier billiards instruction equipment and pool teaching aid in the world. Sold direct to consumers, through billiards industry and mass merchandiser retail outlets, and to the owner/operators of pool playing establishments around the globe.